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Our Team

Where CARE Started

As a division of SWORPS, the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation (CARE) provides a survey research team that works with other SWORPS employees to deliver superior research and program evaluation services, using the tools of the 21st century to assist clients in producing the level of research that is demanded in today’s professional research environment. SWORPS employees adhere to the ethics and guiding principles widely accepted by professional researchers and evaluators across the nation.

photo of the care center

Our employees have developed the expertise to conduct a full range of qualitative and quantitative research. Our staff conducts interviews and focus groups, administers evaluation instruments, develops database systems, and evaluates the effectiveness of programs such as child care licensing, welfare reform, substance abuse treatment, community initiatives, child abuse prevention, and programs that serve populations including the elderly, homeless, and disabled children and adults.

“Our 22-station phone bank, now allows us to keep our own telephone data collection in-house. With CARE as part of the SWORPS organization, we can offer more in-house options to meet the needs of our clients.”

Maryanne Cunningham, Interim Director, SWORPS

“The Center for Applied Research and Evaluation provides practical frontline support for research throughout the university and community, based on broad expertise and experience. It provides strong leadership for developing plans and energy for the painstaking work of data collection. This meticulous approach to research methodology, inquiry design, and data collection is a core characteristic of the work of this Center.”

Linda Daugherty, Assistant Director, CARE

“The marriage of these organizations, CARE and SWORPS, means that clients benefit from better integration of data collection services and field work with data cleaning, statistical analysis, synthesis, and presentation. The CARE/SWORPS team consists of experts who can create validated surveys, design statistical and data analyses, determine sample size, develop evaluation plans, track data and guarantee quality assurance, examine and analyze data, write reports, and produce high-quality online or print presentations.”

Maryanne Cunningham, Interim Director SWORPS

“The existing research environment is demanding and competitive. It requires up-to-date, top level analytical skills. The SWORPS statistics and data group is able to provide clients with the level of data expertise that is crucial in today’s academic and research settings. ”

Karen Homer, Team Leader, Statistics and Data Management, SWORPS

“The software development and systems management team at SWORPS creates custom software solutions to support the human service missions of our clients. The skills of our developers enable investigators to bring their own data collection and analysis ideas to life, by creating customizable tools that are sophisticated, flexible, and robust while meeting the precise specifications of a project.”

Deidre Ford, Team Leader, Software Development and Systems Management

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